I love rails bg

Ruby Language

2 words, capable and elegant!

Ruby is a beautiful language I believe it helps write software as a work art, with joy!

I hope you are not here for the technical jargon surrounding Ruby, because this isn’t.

Let me be honest with you. I haven’t always been a Ruby developer. I have currently been with an excessive of 15 languages if we take in to consideration my time as an engineering student. Before Ruby I liked coding a lot, today I love coding!

I wrote my first line of code in May 3rd 2000. I learn 2 things that day! One; I love coding! Two; I am a little lazy!

Things took a tun when I was introduced to Ruby. I was mesmerized of the beauty of the language. The community had a ton of free and open source tools. Developers were competent, disciplined and wrote good code. I knew, it was love at first sight.

Few months in to Ruby, I knew I am in for the long run and I started converting my old tools to Ruby. In one occurrence I reduced 300+ lines of Java code to 12 lines. Thats when I knew there was no turning back.

I prefer Ruby because I can do more in less time. Good for all of us!