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Ruby on Rails

for rapid web application development with Ruby

Ruby on Rails is a Ruby web framework following the popular MVC architecture, in-fact one of the early adopters of MVC and undoubtedly the inspiration for most modern MVC frameworks.

I digress, we can’t talk about Ruby on Rails without talking about Ruby. Ruby is a well received programming language in operation since the mid 1990s. Ruby is blessed with a vibrant community which maintains high coding standards, a wide variety of free and open source libraries and cutting edge technology.

Ruby on Rails could be considered the crown jewel of the Ruby community. It has made it self the inspiration of many MVC frameworks in other languages. It supports a ton of supportive (free) libraries. These libraries help us do more with less code of our own.

This helps us to get from concept to product in a short amount of time saving a ton of money in the process thanks to its wealth of free libraries.

This is great news for you and me. But have you wondered why I know so many languages and frameworks?

Rails does the job perfectly 80% of the time.

If you ask me to build an API, I will recommend we use Grape, which is a framework specialized in handling APIs. If you would ask me to build some thing like real-time chat, I will choose Node.js or Erlang based framework.

Is Rails the best suite to your project? Ask me and I will be happy to help you out!